Upgraded to Version 1.5.1! Less haunted!

Allenroids is a freeware Asteroids game. Way back in the olden days when Mac OS X was young, there weren't many games on the platform. So I wrote one. Due either to its devilish simplicity or my raving egomania, it remains one of my favorite arcade games. So Allenroids proudly marches on into the modern era, complete with this frighteningly antique webpage.

The Experience

This game excels over many other Asteroids clones in two very important ways:
Allenroid's graphics are done in a "retro" style, which is a fancy way of saying that I have no idea how to produce something lifelike (there goes my Pixar career). So it feels just like the eighties, but with smooth, scalable lines.


Fancy New Features

Version 1.5.1, 2018-08-13: Less haunted! Invisible crystals have been fixed.

Version 1.5, 2014: Only flashy in the right places! No ugly flash when clicking the mouse! 64-bit! Score and configuration files stored in ~/Library/Preferences.

Version 1.4, 2009: Optometrically-assisted! It seems 640x480 screens are no longer state-of-the-art, so I updated the window size to be luxuriously larger.

Version 1.3, 2006:
Environmentally-friendly! Massively reduced processor usage; now much friendlier to laptop batteries. Universal binary for Intel Macs.

Version 1.2, 2004: Graphics wrap smoothly around the screen, and you can shoot your opponent's shots. The collision physics were fixed.

Version 1.1, 2004: Suddenly, out of the depths of loving neglect, your humble author was seized by a passion to improve his game. One sleep-deprived weekend later, Allenroids now features nasty aliens to bother you. This hallmark modification prompted a whopping one-decimal upgrade.

Version 1.0, 2003: College pastime makes its big debut!


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Since this program was written with cross-platform tools, this section has gotten more complicated than a Florida butterfly ballot. So without further ado,

For the relatively-up-to-date:
Allenroids for Mac OS (1 MB; Mac OS 10.6+)

Note that Apple will try to terrify you with dire warnings about my being an unidentified developer. This is secret code for "I declined to pay Apple $99 every year just to take away the scary warning on my hokey non-revenue-generating game." Just say no to protection rackets. Here's how to avoid the Apple Mafia.

If you have an Allenroids 1.3 or earlier, salvage your high scores first.

Older versions for other operating systems:

For PowerPC or 10.4 and earlier:
Allenroids 1.4 for antique Mac OS X (1 MB)

For the pure who will not be defiled by command line pollution, but still tolerate their computer crashing with alarming frequency:
Allenroids 1.2 for Mac OS Classic (872 K)
(The Classic version runs provided you have OpenGL and GameSprockets installed. Inexplicably, it doesn't run under the Classic layer in OS X. Boo. Hiss.)

For the cool but misled:
Allenroids 1.1 source code for Linux etc. You'll need OpenGL, GLUT, and SDL.
(Makefile for Linux included. Alas, however, I can't figure out how to compile the thing under X11 on Mac OS X. Anyone who can help with anything Unixy, please send me directions!)

For the hopelessly lost in our audience:
Allenroids 1.1 for Windows
(700 K)
New versions of Allenroids for Windows have been indefinitely suspended until I get over the serious rash that develops whenever I get near a Windows computer.
(note: The author disclaims responsibility for any nausea or illness occuring when using this program in Windows.)

For people who know what they're doing:
Allenroids Source Code for Xcode

©Allen Smith, 2018